Xero Integration

With this integration, when your client accepts a Qwilr Page, it automatically generates a draft invoice in your Xero account. 

The draft invoice will contain the contents of your Qwilr Quote Block. You can generate an invoice manually anytime, and also have an invoice generate automatically when your client accepts the quote. 

To use the Xero integration, you'll need to add both a Quote Block and an Accept Block to your Qwilr Page.

Setting up the Xero integration

Step 1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of the page, and then choose Add Integrations

Step 2. On the integrations page, choose Xero from the list of options. Then click Connect to Xero.

Step 3. Follow the prompts to authorize Qwilr to connect with your Xero account.

Step 4. If you plan to have the integration generate invoices automatically as your quotes are accepted, we recommend setting a default account. Select the account you prefer from the dropdown menu, and click Set as Default.

Step 5. To ensure that Qwilr and Xero are using the same taxes, be sure to set up the Map Taxes section. If the taxes aren't mapped, the integration won't work. If you aren't using taxes at all, make sure to remove the default taxes from Qwilr

Below is the tax mapping display you'll see in Qwilr. When you see an X, the taxes aren't mapped. Use the dropdown menu to select the correct Xero tax.

When there is a green check mark, the taxes have been mapped.

Your integration between Xero and Qwilr is now enabled!

Note: If this integration is unused for 60 days, Xero will stop the connection. If you need to use the integration after that, head back to the settings page and click the Disable button. Then repeat the steps above to reconnect.

Automatically creating a draft Xero invoice

When the Xero integration is enabled, a Xero icon appears at the top left corner of all Quote Blocks. When you click on it, you'll be prompted to choose one of your existing Xero contacts from the dropdown menu. 

Next enable the  Create Invoice on Accept switch. Now when your client accepts this page, a new draft invoice will automatically appear in your Xero account.

Note: This integration requires a Contact record to already be set up in your Xero account.

Manually creating a draft Xero invoice

You can also create an invoice anytime before the page is accepted. Head to the top left corner of the Quote Block and click the Xero icon.

Click the Generate Estimate button. A new draft invoice will generate in Xero. 

If you want to make sure another copy doesn't generate when your client accepts this quote, you can disable the  Create Invoice on Accept switch.

Note: If you're using recurring pricing in your quote, you can choose to have the first installment included in your invoice, or not. See the linked article for more details.

Disabling the Xero integration

You can disable your integration with Xero at any time by going into the Xero integration settings in Qwilr and clicking Disable.

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