On the acceptance of your quotes in Qwilr, you can have an associated Deal moved along your Pipedrive pipeline.

Note: This integration is only available on our Business and Enterprise plans

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Setting up the Pipedrive Integration

Head to Settings > Integrations in your account, and select Pipedrive:

Click " Enable":

We'll then ask for your Pipedrive API key. 

This can be found in your Pipedrive account settings.  Settings > API:

Copy your personal API token and paste it in the empty field in Qwilr. Once entered click 'Enable Integration' and your integration between Qwilr and Pipedrive is now authorized!

Using the Pipedrive integration

Automatically Moving a Deal upon Acceptance

To connect a Qwilr Page into your Pipedrive flow, you’ll do so in your Accept block. Once you’ve added an Accept block, in the top left of the block is a Pipedrive icon. Select it:

Turn the Pipedrive 'Enable' toggle to on (green). 

Using the drop-down arrows select the pipeline and deal associated with your quote, then select the stage you’d like to move your deal to when your Qwilr Page is accepted.

Once your Qwilr Page is accepted the associated deal will move to the selected stage.

Disabling the Pipedrive Integration

You can disable the integration with Pipedrive at any time by going into your Pipedrive settings in Qwilr and clicking 'Disable':