Why are Qwilr Pages single column?

Find out why Qwilr projects are single-column documents and if you can have multiple columns.

Out of the box, Qwilr projects are cascading, single-column documents. We created them this way to ensure your documents look beautiful and professional across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile, and everything in between).

There are a few things you can do to customise your document so you can modify the appearance. If you are code-savvy, you can use a custom style with CSS to change some aspects of your proposal, however multiple columns are not possible. This may be something we change in the future, but it isn't possible at this time.

If you have images you want to include side-by-side, you can edit them in a program like Photoshop. Open each image > select all > cut. Paste them together into a new document. Then, save that as a new image, and insert that image into your Qwilr project. That would give you the illusion of multiple columns, although they'll be static images.