Adding a time limit to a Qwilr Page

Sometimes you want to make a proposal valid for a limited time, or just automatically take it offline at a certain point. You can set a time limit when you share any Qwilr Page.

This feature is changing! We're in the process of rolling out an exciting update to page sharing and security, so your account might look different than this article. Learn about the new tools here.

Adding a time limit

Step 1. To enable a time limit, you'll first head to the security settings page. From there, enable the Link available for a limited time switch.

Step 2. The From date is filled in automatically, using the date your Qwilr Page was created. You can update that to be any date you want. 

Step 3. You'll then choose an Until date when you want page access to expire.

Once the time limit has expired, your clients will see an error when viewing the page. You'll also see the page status as Time Limit in your dashboard. You won't be able to view this page again unless you remove the time limit.

Removing a time limit

You can remove the time limit setting at any time. To do this, head back to the security settings page and disable the Link available for a limited time switch.

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