How do I convert my old quote block to the new quote block?

Better Business has been released and we're automatically converting your quote blocks for you whenever you clone a document or use a saved block. If you have a quote in progress you'll be able to continue to use the former quote process. 

What happened to the old quote block?

Now that we've released Better Business, we’ll convert existing quote blocks to the new  quote block for any cloned Qwilr Pages or Qwilr templates (including the ones you add as templates).

In 3 months (on August 21st), we’ll convert all existing quote blocks on your account to the new block automatically.

What should I do?

If you’re at the end of pitching a prospect or client, we recommend converting your Qwilr Pages after that deal has closed. If you’re at the beginning of a pitch process, we recommend cloning your Qwilr Page as soon as you can, so you can start seeing what new features you can take advantage of! 

Can I edit existing projects?

You'll still be able to edit existing projects, but you won’t be able to use the old and new quote block (or new Accept block) at the same time. Everything else will work exactly the way it does now, and it will not affect sending proposals or having them accepted by clients in any way.

What will happen when I clone my project?

Whenever you clone a Qwilr Page containing an old quote block (or add in a saved quote block), the old quote block will be automatically converted into the new quote block. We’ve worked hard to make this as seamless a conversion as possible, so if you notice anything out of place, please reach out to us and we’ll help you out. 

What if my settings differ?

We've translated most features to the new quote block, but there are a few exceptions. With the older quote block you could have variable quantities without setting a minimum or a maximum. Those are both now required.

If your item didn't have a minimum previously we'll set it 0. If your quote didn't have a maximum we'll set it to 100x the quantity provided (so if you set a default quantity of 10 your maximum will be 1,000). 

What about enabling accept?

The acceptance process is now a  separate block that you'll need to add. These are not automatically added for you.

What about custom CSS on my quote blocks?

The new quote block currently doesn’t support custom CSS, but during our design research we found a lot of the uses for custom CSS were clever workarounds for features the old quote block didn’t support. We’ve added in a lot of those features to the new quote block, and we’ll notify everyone if and when we support custom CSS in the new Quote block. 

How will this change my saved blocks?

After the launch date, it won’t be possible to edit any saved blocks that are the old quote block, or create saved blocks from the old quote block. Adding in an old saved quote block will automatically convert it to the new quote block. This is to ensure we get everyone using the latest quote block, and can in time remove the old one from our codebase (making everything a little faster for everyone!).

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free  get in touch with our team.