Page statuses on your Qwilr dashboard

When you're viewing your Qwilr dashboard, you'll see Qwilr Pages in different states. This is what those different statuses mean.

Draft - A page in the draft state isn't visible externally. Anyone logged into your account can view it when sent the view link, but if someone external attempts to view it they'll see a message about it being a draft. This is a useful state when you want to test something but don't it visible to your clients. This is controlled by the live/draft toggle on the edit or share screens.

Live - This means your page is publicly viewable, but it isn't a page that contains an Accept Block. Generally the status you'll see for things like case studies or brochures that are shared widely.

Pending - This status means your page is publicly viewable and it has an Accept Block. Pending = live and pending approval.

Accepted - This is the status you'll see your pages in once your quotes have been accepted. Once a page has been accepted it can no longer be edited.

Disabled/Time Limited/View Limited - These different states show up when your page is disabled in some way. That could be because of a security setting expiring (like a time limit) or because you've disabled the page. 

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