With our Crisp integration, you'll be able to embed a Crisp live chat onto your proposals and other documents. Your clients will be able to chat with you without leaving the page. Crisp offers both free and paid plans.

Note: You'll need to be an admin user on a Business or Enterprise plan to do this.

Setting up the Crisp Integration

Step 1: Log into your Crisp account and head to Settings → Website Settings. Go to Setup Instructions.

In the box that appears, click to copy your Crisp website ID.

Step 3: Head to your Qwilr account and go to Settings → Integrations and head to the Crisp integration. Enable it.

Step 4: Paste your Crisp website ID into the page and then click Update Crisp Website ID.

Using the Integration

As soon as you've added your ID, your Crisp chat box will pop up on the public web page of every proposal you share. You won't need to do anything on a per page basis.

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