With our Mixpanel integration, you can send your Qwilr pageview data straight to Mixpanel. Mixpanel is a powerful analytics tool, and useful for understanding how clients interact with your Qwilr Pages. Mixpanel offers both free and paid plans.

Note: Integration settings are available to account admins on our Business or Enterprise plans.

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Set up the Mixpanel integration

Step 1: In your Qwilr account, click on your initials in the top right corner of the page. Then choose Add Integrations. 

Step 2. On the Integrations page, choose Mixpanel and then click Enable Mixpanel.

Step 3: Head to your Mixpanel account now. In your Account Settings, head to Project Settings and copy your Token.

Step 4: Back in Qwilr, paste that token into the integration settings and click Update Mixpanel site token.

Using the integration

Once you've enabled the integration, all Qwilr pageview data will be sent to your Mixpanel account automatically. You'll be able to track your Qwilr activity along with your other campaigns.

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