Crazy Egg

With the Crazy Egg integration you'll be able to track client activity within your Qwilr Pages. Crazy Egg is a paid service with a variety of plans.

Note: Integration settings are only available on Business and Enterprise plans and are only available to account admins.

Setting up the Crazy Egg Integration

Step 1: Within your Qwilr account head to Account Settings → Integrations and click on Crazy Egg.

Step 2: Enable the integration.

Step 3: Head to your Crazy Egg account and you'll find the Crazy Egg account number at the top of the Instructions page. Copy that.

Step 4: Paste that into the Account Number field within your integration settings and click on Update Account number.

Using the Integration

As soon as you've enabled the integration Qwilr will start automatically including your Crazy Egg tracking script on all pages. You won't need to do anything on a per page basis. From there you'll be able to start using Crazy Egg to track page analytics.

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