The Slack integration allows for the notification of a project being opened for the first time being sent to a Slack channel of your choice. This is great for teams that want to be notified on Slack whenever someone views or interacts with your Qwilr Page.

Note: Integration settings are only available on Business and Enterprise plans and are only available to account admins.

Set up the Slack Integration

Step 1: Head to Settings → Integrations in your Qwilr account, and select Slack:

Step 2: Press 'Add to Slack':

Step 3: Follow the prompts from Slack on the window that pops up (if you don't see one, check whether your browser is blocking the pop-up and allow pop-ups from Select which channel you would like Qwilr notifications to be pushed to.

Once authorized, you will now be set up on Slack! You can review your selected channel in the Slack integration settings: