Slack Integration

With our Slack integration, you can receive channel notifications whenever a Qwilr Page is published, viewed for the first time, or accepted. This is great for keeping your whole team informed about activity on your pages. 

Note: Integration settings are only available to account admins.

Setting up the Slack integration

Step 1. In your Qwilr account, Click on your initials in the top right corner of the page. Then choose Add Integrations.

Step 2. On the integrations page, choose Slack and then click Add to Slack.

Step 3. A new window should pop up. (If not, check whether your browser is blocking the pop-up and allow pop-ups from 

Follow the prompts from Slack and choose the channel where you'd like to send Qwilr notifications.

Step 4. Click Authorize.

That's it, you're set up to receive notifications on Slack!

Disabling the Slack integration

To disable the Slack integration, head to the integration settings page again and click  Disable.

Changing the Slack channel

If you need to have notifications sent to a different Slack channel, you can disable the integration and then re-enable it, choosing a different channel this time. 

Managing your notifications

By default, you'll be set up to get Slack notifications for all page actions. If you want to manage these settings, head back to the Slack integration settings page. Check or uncheck the options you need, and the changes will be saved automatically .

Note: If you have multiple signees on your page, you'll see a Slack notification as each signee accepts the page.

Note: We've recently updated Qwilr so that when you create a new project, it's automatically published by default. So there's no distinction between "Created" and "Published." We recommend leaving both options selected.

Note: Your Slack notifications will contain a link to your Qwilr dashboard, but not the individual Qwilr Page. If you need to have the page link in your notifications, our Zapier integration can do that.

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