Bulk Creating Qwilr Pages in Salesforce

Qwilr's Salesforce integration includes an option to create multiple pages at once. You can use this feature with your Lead, Opportunity, Contact, and Account records.

Note: The Salesforce integration is available for Enterprise customers only.

To set up bulk page creation, you'll first add a Qwilr button to your Salesforce object list views. 

Adding the Qwilr button

In the example below, we've selected 3 leads in the All Open Leads view. The Create Qwilrs button will allow your users to create Qwilr Pages for these leads in seconds. 

Step 1. Go to Setup → Object Manager. 

Step 2. Select the relevant object (Lead / Opportunity / Account / Contact). In this example, we'll use Lead

Step 3. Go to Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic → List View → Edit. 

Step 4. Move Create Qwilrs from Available Buttons to Selected Buttons. Click Save

That's it! The button will now appear for Leads. 

Step 4. Exit Setup and head to your Leads page. If you don't see the Create Qwilrs button in the top right corner menu, try changing your view. Some custom views may not have access to this button.

You can add this button to other objects by following the same steps. 

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