FAQ: Can I undo changes?

Sometimes, taking a step back is a necessary part of the editing process.

As of right now, we don't have an official "undo" button. However, you can undo anything you've created with a keyboard shortcut:

  • On Windows, hit Ctrl + Z on your keyboard.
  • On Mac, hit Command + Z on your keyboard.

Doing this will erase the last step you made. So, if you created text, the text will be removed; if you inserted an image, the image will be removed; and so on.

If you accidentally delete a block, don't worry, a pop-up will appear on the upper-right-hand side of the block immediately giving you the option to undo the deletion. However, this pop-up will only last for a few seconds, after which you won't be able to recover the deleted block. So, make sure to take action quickly before the pop-up disappears.

Qwilr performs an automatic save every few seconds as you work, and each new save overwrites the last one. When you use this undo command, you can undo actions up to the most recent save.

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