Can I undo changes?

Sometimes, taking a step back is a necessary part of the editing process.

As of right now we don't have an official "undo" button (except when editing a Quote block — see below). However, you can undo anything you've created with a simple keyboard shortcut:

  • On Windows, hit Ctrl + Z on your keyboard.
  • On Mac, hit Command + Z on your keyboard.

Doing this will erase the last step you made. So, if you created text, the text will be removed; if you inserted an image, the image will be removed; and so on.

Undo When Editing Quotes

While editing a Quote block, an 'Undo' button will often appear at the bottom-left corner of the page. This will only be visible when performing specific actions within the Quote block (e.g., deleting an item). Simply hit that button in order to undo your last action.