FAQ: How can I view receipts or add additional information?

Do you want to view your receipts or add additional information (like your address or VAT number) to them? Look no further!

Note: This setting is only available to account admins.

To view your past receipts and make changes to your billing method, click on your initials in the top right corner, and then choose View All Settings → Subscription.

From there click on View Invoices.

A window will popup with all of your past invoices. You'll be able to view a copy in your browser, download a PDF version, or email a new copy to yourself.

To add extra billing details to your receipts, click on Receipt Settings at the bottom of the section.

A window will pop up with a field where you can add extra information.

This will be inserted into future receipts. You can also download or email copies of past receipts, updated with your added details.