Tagging Qwilr Pages

Tags are a great tool for organizing your Qwilr Pages. You can use them to notate important details about specific pages or clients. You can also use them to filter your dashboard display and locate pages easily.

Creating and applying tags

There are 2 ways to create and apply tags:

Method 1: When you're editing a page, click the More Actions icon (three dots) at the top right. Then click Tag

Method 2: From your dashboard, click on the More Actions icon (3 dots). Then from the drop-down menu, choose Tag This Page.

In both cases, a box will pop up that will let you select from your existing tags or add a new tag.

Once you've added a tag to a Qwilr Page, it's saved to your tag library so you can use it on other pages. 

Removing tags

To remove a tag from any page, you'll take the same steps as you did to add it. When the pop-up appears, click the check mark next to the existing tag to remove it. 

To remove a tag completely from your account, you’d need to remove it from all projects it’s been added to. Once removed from all pages, the tag will no longer exist in the account.

Using tags

To filter your dashboard by tags, click the Filters menu at the top of your dashboard. In the Tags section, choose one or more tags. Only Qwilr Pages with those tags will appear in your dashboard view.

If you need to dismiss this filter later, click on the Filters button again, and then click the X next to the tag name.