Tagging Qwilr Pages

Tags are a great way to notate important details about a Qwilr Page or client. You can use them to filter results and track common traits.

Creating and Applying Tags

There are 2 ways to create and apply tags:

1. When you're editing the project, click the Page Options menu (three dots) at the top right, and then click Tag

2. From your dashboard, click on the arrow to the right of the project you want to tag. Then click the Tag option in the drop-down menu that appears.

In both cases, a box will pop up that will let you select from your existing tags or add a new tag.

Removing Tags

Once you've added a tag, it will be assigned to your Qwilr Page and saved for use on later pages. 

To remove a tag you'll go to the same process as you do to add it, but instead of adding a new tag you'll click the x by the existing tag to remove it. 

To remove a tag completely from your account, you’d need to remove it from all projects it’s been added to. Once removed from all pages, the tag will no longer exist in the account.

Using Tags

To filter your page list by tags, click the Any Tag menu below the search box on your dashboard. Select one or more tags you'd like to refine your list by. Only Qwilr Pages with those tags will appear in your list.

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