Embedding Typeforms

Typeforms offer a great way to collect data from your clients, right in your Qwilr Pages. You can make surveys, RSVPs - the sky's the limit. Typeform offers both free and paid plans.

Adding an Embed Block

Step 1. Your Typeform will need an Embed block to display in. You can add one to your Qwilr Page by choosing Embed from the block menu.

Step 2. Select Typeform from the list of available options.

After that, a field will appear. This is where you'll add your Typeform URL. Time to head to your Typeform account.

Finding the Typeform URL

Step 3. In Typeform, open your form and make sure it's published. Then click the Share link at the top of the page. 

Step 4. Click the Copy link button.

Step 5. Back in your Qwilr account, paste the link into the box and click See It.

That's it, you're done! The form will display in your Embed Block, and your clients will be able to enter their responses right in the Qwilr Page. You'll see the responses in your Typeform account.

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