Adding navigation to your page

Our Navigation feature allows you to add a table of contents to your Qwilr Page. It's a great way to help your clients move around a long page more easily. 

Enabling navigation

Step 1. You can enable navigation from any block in your page. Head to the top left corner of the block and click the Block Options icon (3 dots). Then click Navigation.

Step 2. Click the link to enable navigation for this page.

Navigation settings

When you enable navigation, you'll be able to choose where the navigation menu appears: on the left side of the screen or dropping down from the top.

You can also choose whether or not you wish to display your company's name and email address at the bottom of the navigation menu. 

Note: Your company name is taken directly from your Account settings. Your name and email address are taken from your Profile settings.

When you've completed the navigation settings, click Close in the top right corner to return to your page.

Now, your clients will see a menu icon on your page. They can click to expand or hide the navigation. When they click on any item in the table of contents, they'll be taken directly to that block.

Naming sections of the navigation

Every block in your page appears in the navigation by default. If a block has a heading, we'll pull that in as a block title. If not, the navigation displays "Untitled" instead. 

You can add your own section titles. In your navigation bar you'll see a pencil icon next to each block name. Click on it to update the name. Then click Done.

Hiding sections from the navigation

You can also hide any block from displaying in the navigation. Check the Hide this block from the navigation menu box. If you decide later to include this block in the navigation, just uncheck this box. 

Once you've hidden a block, you'll see it crossed out in your menu while editing. Your clients won't see this in the live page.

Disabling Navigation

If you want to remove navigation from any page, head back to the Block Options menu in any block. Click Navigation to open the settings again. Then click Don't Use Navigation.

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