With the AdRoll integration you'll be able to add a retargeting pixel to your Qwilr Pages and then target those viewers with advertising via the AdRoll platform.

Note: Integration settings are only available on Business and Enterprise plans and are only available to account admins.

Setting up the AdRoll Integration

Step 1: Head to Account Settings →  Add Integrations and click on AdRoll.

Step 2: Choose to enable the integration.

Step 3: Head to your AdRoll account and copy your Advertiser ID and your Pixel ID. You can find some help around AdRoll's Pixel here.

Step 4: Paste that into your integration settings and click Update AdRoll Settings.

And you're done! From now on your Qwilr data will be sent into your AdRoll's account so you can market to those viewers.

Using the Integration

As soon as you've enabled the integration Qwilr will start automatically adding your pixel to any pages. You won't need to do anything to manually add the pixel on a per page basis. From there you'll start using that data sent to AdRoll to market directly to clients who have viewed your Qwilr Pages.

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