Listing your Qwilr Page on search engines

By default, all Qwilr Pages have metadata that tells search engines "ignore me." There might be some cases were you might want a page to be searchable, like when you're using Qwilr Pages for marketing brochures and sales material. Here's how to make any Qwilr Page visible to search engines.

Note: This process will allow search engines to index your page, but that doesn't automatically mean your page will be indexed. A search engine still needs to find your page to index it. That requires other websites (such as your company website) to link to the page, or the link being shared on social media.

Enabling search engine indexing

Click the Share button for the Qwilr Page. You'll find it on the dashboard or within the page editor.

Clicking Share will open a pop-up. Click Other Settings

Finally, enable the Findable on Search Engines switch.

If you need to make the Qwilr Page completely private again, click the switch once more to disable indexing.

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