Heap Analytics Integration

If you're a Heap Analytics customer and you want to be able to track your Qwilr Page activity within your account, this integration is for you. Heap offers both free and paid plans.

Note: Integration settings are only available to account admins.

Setting up the Heap Analytics integration

Step 1. In your Qwilr account, click on your initials in the top right corner. Then choose Add Integrations. 

Step 2. Choose Heap Analytics from the list of integration options.

Step 3. Click Enable Heap.

Step 4. Time to head to your Heap Analytics account now.

Step 5. In Heap, you'll be prompted to set up a project. Under Select Platform, Web. For Select Install Method, choose Code.

Step 6. From there, head to the Web Installation section. Highlight and copy your production ID from the code block.

Step 7. Back in your Qwilr account, paste that ID into your integration settings. then click Update Heap Analytics App ID.

Using the integration

As soon as you've enabled the integration, Qwilr will start automatically including your Heap Analytics tracking script on all pages. From there, you'll be able to track your Qwilr activity along with your other data in your Heap Analytics account.

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