Recurring payments with Stripe

Sometimes a payment isn't just a one-time thing. If you're using our Stripe integration to collect payments directly from within your Qwilr Pages, you'll be able to set up recurring payments on the Stripe side.

Note: Recurring payments are only possible for payments collected after September 1st, 2018

If you're using our Stripe integration already, setting up a recurring payment is simple.

What's required

In order to set up a recurring payment you'll need a few things in place.

Once you have those 4 things in place, you're ready to set up a recurring payment.

Setting up recurring

Once you've collected a payment via Qwilr (after September 1st, 2018) you'll notice that a customer record has been created within your Stripe account.

You'll want to head to Stripe and lookup the customer record for the customer you want to add a recurring subscription to.

From there, head to the subscriptions section and click on the "Add subscription" button.

From there you'll be taken to the subscription page. Go ahead and add a product and then click the Start subscription button.

And that's it! Once you've added in the subscription you want you've created a recurring payment. You'll want to contact your customer and let them know everything with their service is set up.

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