Recurring payments with Stripe

Sometimes a payment isn't just a one-time thing. If you're using our Stripe integration to collect payments directly from within your Qwilr Pages, you'll be able to set up recurring payments on the Stripe side.

Note: Recurring payments are only possible for payments collected after September 1st, 2018

If you're using our Stripe integration already, setting up a recurring payment is simple.

What's required

In order to set up a recurring payment you'll need a few things in place.

Once you have those 4 things in place, you're ready to set up a recurring payment.

Setting up recurring

Once you've collected a payment via Qwilr (after September 1st, 2018) you'll notice that a customer record has been created within your Stripe account.

You'll want to head to Stripe and lookup the customer record for the customer you want to add a recurring subscription to.

From there, head to the subscriptions section and click on the "Add subscription" button.

From there you'll be taken to the subscription page. Go ahead and add a product and then click the Start subscription button.

Note: In Stripe, the first subscription payment will process as soon as you click Start Subscription. You can configure the subscription to have a delayed start if you need the first payment to happen later. Please check with Stripe Support for the correct process.

And that's it! Once you've added in the subscription you want you've created a recurring payment. You'll want to contact your customer and let them know everything with their service is set up.

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