Salesforce: Process Builder

The Salesforce/Qwilr integration supports Process Builder, which will help you automate many tasks. In this guide, you'll learn how to set up workflows based on your Qwilr Pages.

Note: The Salesforce integration is available only on our Enterprise plan.

You can do a lot with workflows. Here are a few examples: 

  • Schedule a follow-up call a week after you send a Qwilr page to a client
  • Automatically create a new Deal record when you create a Qwilr page from a Contact record
  • Generate an email to your VP of Sales when a Qwilr page is accepted

In this example, we'll set up a workflow that will mark an Opportunity as "Closed Won" when a client accepts its associated Qwilr page.

Step 1. In your Salesforce account, go to Setup → Process Builder.

Step 2. Click New.

Step 3. In the new process, click Add Object, and then choose Qwilr Document.

Step 4. Click the radio button for when a record is created or edited. Then click Save.

Step 5. Click Add Criteria, and create a criteria name. Make sure the Conditions are met button is selected.

Step 6. Under Set Conditions, click Find a field.

Step 7. Select Accept Status from the dropdown menu, then click Choose.

Step 8. Set the Value field to Accepted. Then click Save.

Note: If you want to restrict this workflow to a specific Qwilr template, you can add a second condition here for that.

Step 9. Click Add Action.

Step 10. Set the Action Type to Update Records. Create an action name, and then click Record Type.

Step 11. Click the radio button labeled Select a record related to the qwilr__QwilrDoc__c.

Step 12. In the dropdown menu, locate the second instance of Opportunity. Select the second instance (the one with no arrow after its name). Then click Choose.

Step 13. In the "Set new field values" section, set Field to Stage, and Value to Closed Won. Then click Save.

Step 14. Click Activate, and then Confirm.

That's it - you've created a new workflow! Now when your client accepts a Qwilr proposal, their Salesforce record will automatically update to "Closed Won" status. You can use Process Builder to create any workflow you need.

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