Salesforce: Process Builder

The Salesforce/Qwilr integration supports Process Builder, which will help you automate many tasks. 

Note: The Salesforce integration is available only on our Enterprise plan.

Note: As of September 2021, you can also use Qwilr-based triggers (page viewed, page accepted) in Salesforce Flows.

You can do a lot with Process Builder, using the creation or acceptance of a Qwilr Page as the starting point. Here are a few examples: 

  • Schedule a follow-up call a week after you send a Qwilr page to a client
  • Automatically create a new Deal record when you create a Qwilr page from a Contact record
  • Generate an email to your VP of Sales when a Qwilr page is accepted

To get started building workflows in your Salesforce account, use their instructions for Process Builder.

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