Google Fonts

You can access Google's library of 900+ fonts from your Qwilr Brand Setup.

Adding a Google font

Step 1. Click your initials in the top right corner of the page. Then select Brand Setup.

Step 2. In the Fonts section of the Brand Setup page, choose the font you want to update, and click the Change button.

Step 3. You'll see a (very long!) list of Google fonts. Scroll through to find one you like, and click on it to add it as a brand font.

Use the Filter menu to change the font list according to your needs.

You can change your fonts for headings (H1), subheadings (H2), and body text separately. Or, if you'd like all three to be the same font, choose the H1 font and then enable the switch to automatically update the others.

You can update your font selections at any time.

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