Adobe (TypeKit) Fonts

All Qwilr accounts have access to Google fonts for branding. If you're on our Business or Enterprise plans, you can also use a specific Adobe (formerly TypeKit) font.

Note: To use Adobe Fonts, You'll also need a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adding a font

Step 1. Sign in to your Adobe Fonts account.

Step 2. At the top of the page head to the Typekit Web Fonts tab

Step 3. From there go to the My web Projects link.

Step 4. On that page, you'll see the fonts in your collection and also your Project ID. Copy your Project ID.

Step 5. Now head to Qwilr. Click your initials in the top right corner and choose Set Up Brand

Qwilr settings menu with "Set Up Brand" highlighted

Step 6. Click the Fonts section to expand it, and then choose the font you want to update: Heading, Subheading, or Paragraph. Click Change.

Clicking the Fonts section of the brand settings page to expand it and access font settings

Step 7. Choose Typekit from the left menu, and then enter your Project ID in the field. Click Update.

Qwilr font options menu with "TypeKit" selected

And you're done! From there you'll be able to select your Adobe fonts going forward.

Note: Qwilr supports the Regular weight of any font family. If you have other font weights in your Adobe account, only the Regular weight will be available in Qwilr.

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