Adobe (TypeKit) Fonts

All accounts have access to Google fonts when setting up their branding choices, but if you want to use a specific Adobe (formerly TypeKit) font and you're on our Business or Enterprise plans, this is how you do it.

Adding a font

Step 1. Sign in to your Adobe Fonts account.

Step 2. At the top of the page head to the Typekit link

Step 3. From there go to the My Web Projects link.

Step 4. On that page you'll see the fonts in your collection and also your Project ID.

Step 5. With your Adobe (Typekit) Font ID copied, head to Settings Setup Brand → Fonts in your Qwilr account. 

Step 6. Select one of the classes (Heading, Subheading, or Body text) and then select "Typekit"

Step 7. Enter your Project ID in the field 

And you're done! From there you'll be able to select your Adobe fonts going forward.

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