Custom fonts

If you have an Enterprise account, you can match your branding with a custom font. Upload any TTF file and you won't be limited to Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts. 

Note: Custom Fonts are available to our Enterprise customers.

Adding your Custom Font

Step 1. Make sure you have a .ttf file of your font.

Step 2. Head to Qwilr. Click on your initials in the top right corner of the page, and choose Set Up Brand

Step 3. Click Fonts to expand that section, and then click any Change button.

Step 4. Choose Custom from the left menu, and then click the Add New Font button to upload your .ttf file. 

Step 5. You'll see the uploaded font display. Click on it to apply it to your brand. 

Step 6. You'll be taken back to the brand editor. If you want to use that same font for your other text classes, enable the Use the Same Font for All Text switch.

Or, if you want to use different fonts for H1, H2, and body text, repeat the steps above to upload a different .ttf file to use for another text class.

Step 7. Finally, click Update Brand at the top right corner to save the changes. Once you've uploaded a font, it'll be available to select on the Custom page going forward.

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