Embedding videos from TwentyThree

If you host videos on TwentyThree, you can embed them in your Qwilr Page. 

Adding an Embed Block

Step 1. Choose Embed in the new block menu.

Step 2. Select TwentyThree from the list of options.

Step 3. You'll then see this form. Time to head to TwentyThree for your embed code.

Adding an Embed Widget

Step 1. Anywhere you're able to click on the symbol in your Qwilr Pages and Templates, you'll now see the option to add embedded content from services like TwentyThree.

Step 2. From here, you'll see Categories - in this case select Other and then iFrame.

Finding the TwentyThree embed code

Step 4. Use these steps from TwentyThree to locate the embed code.

Step 5. Back in your Qwilr Page, paste the link into the field and then click See It.

Your video should now appear embedded in your Qwilr Page. 

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