Using your page as a presentation

Sometimes you might want to display your page as a live presentation while you scroll and talk through it. Qwilr has a solution for that!

Presentation mode is a full-screen view of your Qwilr Page. You can use it before or after you share the public page link with your client. Your page can be in Draft or Live status.

Accessing presentation mode

Step 1. Open the page for editing. Head to the top right corner, and click the Collaborate button.

Step 2. From there, click Copy Collaborator Link.

Step 3. Now, paste that link into a new browser window. 

Note: You don't have to use a Private or Incognito window here - the Presentation mode will also work in your regular browser window, even while you're logged into your Qwilr account.

Step 4. Head to the top right corner of the collaborator page, and click the Present button.

Using presentation mode

With your full-screen presentation display open, you can move through the content in two ways:

  • Scroll down the page using your mouse (or the down arrow key on your keyboard).
  • Use the spacebar on your keyboard to jump from block to block.

When you're ready to exit presentation mode, either hit your Esc key, or head to the top right corner of the presentation and click the Exit Presentation button.

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