FAQ: How do I manually change the status of a page?

A Qwilr Page's status will change automatically during its life cycle. But you can manually update that any time.

To make a manual change to a page's current status, hover over its title on the dashboard. Then click the Share button.

The page's sharing settings will pop up. Use the drop down menu to choose a different status.

Alternatively, while editing the page, you can click on the status at the top of the page (or the page value number if you have it enabled) and select Change status.

Note: Depending on the current status of the page, you'll see some options greyed out. Once a page is Accepted, for example, it can't be set back to another status.

Manually setting a page as Accepted

If your page doesn't contain an Accept Block or a Quote block, you'll have the option to manually set it as Accepted. If the page does have one of these blocks, the manual setting won't be available. 

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