Requesting Qwilr account access

Want to learn how to request access, or approve access? You've come to the right place. 

If you received a link from your team to collaborate on a Qwilr page, but you don't have a Qwilr account, you'll be able to submit a request for your team to join their account.

Requesting access

It's easy to request access to join an account! 

1. While viewing the collaborator link you received, highlight any part of the text and click Comment.

2. Enter your details into the pop up window, then click Send Request.

Once the admin of the account approves your request, you will receive an invitation to join your team's account.

3. From the invite, click the button to join the account  and follow the prompts to finish setting it up.

Once you have completed setting up the account, go back to the collaborator link and click Edit Page.

Approving request

If someone submits a request to join your Qwilr account, the main account admin will receive an email notification. If you're not the main admin, you will not be notified but you will still be able to approve the request.

To do this:

1. Head to the  Manage team setting in your account.

2. Scroll down to the Account Invite requests section. Find the request needed and click Approve and follow the prompts.

3. Once that's done, the request will be turned into a Pending invite and the user will be notified via email they provided.

Note: If needed, you can assign Admin rights to this user after they accept the invite.

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