Zoho CRM: adding custom fields as tokens

If you use Zoho's custom fields, you will be able to add them into Qwilr as tokens to personalize your Qwilr pages even further.

Note: To use this feature, you'll need a paid Zoho Standard, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate account. 

Importing custom fields

As soon as you create a custom field in Zoho, it will show up on the list of available tokens in your Qwilr account. If you're an account admin, you will be able to control whether or not these fields can be used in Qwilr templates. To add them to the list of tokens your team can:

1. Head to Integrations > Zoho in your Qwilr account.

Note: If you had the Zoho integration enabled previously, you will need to  Grant access to see the fields below.

2. In the Integration settings section select the object type (Account, Contacts, Deals, Leads or Quotes) and make sure you have Custom selected under Filters.

You can also search by the field name:

3. Select the fields needed by checking the box on the right side. Your selection will be automatically saved and the fields will now be available on the list of tokens in your Zoho templates.

Removing custom fields

To remove any custom field from the list of available in your templates tokens, head to  Integrations > Zoho and uncheck the box for any fields no longer needed.

Note: Unselecting the field does not remove it from the templates it was already added to as a token. In order to remove a field from use in a template you will need to manually delete it.

Supported fields

Only specific fields in Zoho CRM are supported by our integration. See the lists below for the types of fields supported and any limitations.

🟢  Supported fields:

  • Single line 
  • Multi line 
  • Email: will pull in as plain text, not a mailto link.
  • Phone: will not format or add international or area codes, unless you add it in Zoho (e.g +614…).
  • Percent: will be added without %
  • URL 
  • Picklist 
  • Checkbox: will be converted to text: true / false.

🟡 Partially supported fields:

  • Number | Decimal | Long integer | Auto number | Formula - won’t format with , between 1000s.
  • Currency: doesn’t come with the currency symbol and won’t format with , between 1000s.
  • Date
    • Not currently transformed into a friendly format
    • Not displayed in the viewer’s locale
    • Options: Jan 01 2022 1:11 AEST or 01/01/2022 are not supported
  • Date Time: same as Date but more apparent because of timezone offset in the raw value.
  • Lookup | User: available only for standard modules and hardcoded mapping of a single, selected field (most cases name)

🔴 Not supported fields:

  • Multi-select | Multi-select lookup 
  • Image Upload | File Upload 
  • Subform 
  • Any custom products 
  • Custom modules 

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