Olark Integration

Olark is a great app for adding a chat widget to your Qwilr Pages. With it your clients will be able to send you live chat messages while they're viewing your pages. Olark is a paid service and you can check out their pricing here.

Note: Integration settings are only available to account admins.

Setting up the Olark integration

Step 1: Log into your Olark account and head to https://www.olark.com/settings/code. From there you can copy your Site ID from the box.

Step 2: Head to your Qwilr account now. Click on your initials in the top right corner. Then choose Add Integrations. 

Step 3. On the integration page, choose Olark and then click Enable Olark.

Step 4: Take the Site ID you copied from the Olark page and paste it into Qwilr integration settings. Then click Update Olark Site ID.

Using the integration

Once you've set up the integration, an Olark chat widget will automatically show up on all Qwilr Pages. From there, your clients will be able to directly send you chat messages.

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