Note: These features are available only to Business and Enterprise customers.

Qwilr gives you helpful information about who has viewed your projects and how much time they spent looking at it.

If you're on our Pro plan on your dashboard you'll be able to see a basic view count for how many times your project has been viewed.

For more advanced analytics you'll want to be on a Business or Enterprise plan.

Basic Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is only available to people on the Business or Enterprise Plans.

The additional data include: 

  • Histogram of all views 
  • Detailed breakdown of each individual view (this can be expanded to give even more detail)
  • Block level data so that you can understand the most viewed / popular / useful parts of your Qwilr Page 
  • We also track all outbound link clicks

NOTE: While we do our best to ensure that no views by a logged in user are counted as views of the project, there can be instances where this does occur. This is especially the case if you view your Qwilr Page on a separate device to the one you created it on.

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