Refining your PDFs

While Qwilr was built for the web, we know sometimes your clients still need a PDF copy and we build our PDF export tool for that need. Translating the web to print can be a finicky, though, and sometimes things may not translate exactly the way you're hoping for. Here are some troubleshooting steps to get the best PDF experience possible.

Note: We always recommend sharing your web version whenever possible. This allows you to track activity in your analytics and gives your clients the best experience by allowing for mobile views, interactive elements like videos and embeds, and all the other great Qwilr benefits.

Use the PDF Preview

Make sure you're using the PDF preview option. To do so click on the PDF button from your edit screen or the dashboard. From there you can choose your different PDF display options like A4 vs Letter or Portrait vs Landscape. But most importantly you can preview what the PDF will look like before downloading so you can quickly make refinements.

Make PDF Specific Edits

Sometimes you may need to make changes to your Qwilr Page to specifically affect your PDF download. We recommend cloning the page and editing that clone directly. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Splash block backgrounds will always fill a full page on your PDF
  • Video splash backgrounds will fall back to the thumbnail set on the image
  • Each block equals at least 1 page on your PDF
  • Any web content is disabled in your PDF. Using the PDF download options you can choose to include those pages (which will have a placeholder and a link to the web version) or exclude them.
  • Pages will break differently depending on the size or page layout of your PDF
  • Font sizes won't match your web version exactly, but we convert the size ratios. So for example if your H2 is larger than your H1 in the version, that will be true in your PDF as well

A few things to try:

  • Add in line breaks to force page breaks where you want them 
  • Size images differently so they appear the way you want in the PDF versus the web version
  • Try different sizes or layouts

Because you're not editing the web version of the Qwilr Page you'll share with your client you won't need to worry about what that version looks like. Instead, make changes and view the PDF preview. Then download your PDF when it looks ready.

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