Downloading and sharing PDFs

Qwilr is built for the web, but we know your clients might need a PDF for printing or archiving. That's why we've built our PDF generation tool. You'll be able to save PDFs in A4 or Letter sizes, and in portrait or landscape orientation.

The PDF will be a printer-friendly version of your Qwilr Page. Web pages don't always translate perfectly to print pages, so some aspects of your page might change slightly to fit better in a PDF display. 

We always recommend sharing the web version whenever possible - that gives your clients the interactive version of your Qwilr Pages that everyone loves.

Accessing the PDF preview

You can access the PDF downloader from 2 places. 

Method 1: On your dashboard, click the More Actions icon (3 dots) next to the page title. Then choose Create PDF from the drop-down menu. 

Method 2: While you're editing your page, you'll see a download icon at the top right corner.

Formatting the PDF

In the PDF preview, you'll be able to see how your PDF will look. You can also change a number of settings in the left sidebar.

Page Size and Orientation

You can choose between A4 and US Letter size. You can also choose a portrait or a landscape format.

Image quality

Here's where you can choose your PDF file size. There are 3 different compression settings: 

  • Archive will be the smallest file size, but the greatest amount of compression, so images won't look as sharp. 
  • Email is a balance between file size and image quality, and optimized to use as an email attachment. 
  • Print offers the least amount of compression and highest image quality, but will result in a larger PDF file.

Compact or Presentation layout

Qwilr can format your PDF two different ways:

  • Compact will combine the blocks of your page into fewer PDF pages. It compresses Splash Blocks with no text to a smaller height. It also makes the font sizes smaller and line spacing tighter overall. This is a great option if you need a shorter PDF document.
  • Presentation makes each block in your Qwilr Page into a separate PDF page. Font sizes and line spacing will also be larger and closer to the on-screen display. This results in a longer PDF document that's useful for presentation.

Include in export

You can choose whether to include page numbers in your PDF, as well as placeholders for any videos or embedded content. (See the section below for more details on how those will look.)

Downloading a PDF

When you have all the settings as you like, click the Download PDF button.

Your browser will display a message letting you know when the download is successful.

In the PDF preview page, above the download button, you'll see a URL and a Copy button. You can use this in a couple ways:

  • You can copy the URL to send to your client in an email or other message. 
  • If you want your clients to be able to download a PDF from within the Qwilr Page itself, you can use this URL. You can add it to a text link or add a clickable button. Then your client can click to download.

How embeds and videos appear in the PDF

If your page contains an Embed Block and you decide to include it in the PDF, the graphic below will display. Clicking  View Online in the PDF takes your client to the live Qwilr page to see your embedded content.

If your page contains an inline video or a Video Block and you decide to include it in the PDF, what displays is a placeholder and any text you've added to the block. The video itself won't play in the PDF, but your client will have a link to play the video in the live Qwilr Page.

If you've used video as a Splash Block background, the video's thumbnail image will display in the PDF.

Note: If you need help tuning up the layout of your PDF, this page has lots of tips.

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