Adding a clickable button to your page

Do you need a call to action on your page? Would you like your client to download a PDF copy? Need to point them to some supplemental documents? The button widget can help with all of that.

Adding a button

You can add buttons to any type of block except the Embed Block. You can also insert buttons into 2-column sections of your page.

Step 1. Look for the + symbol on any blank line. Click it to open the widget menu, and choose Button.

Step 2. To add some text to your button, click on the placeholder and start typing. The limit is 50 characters, and one line of text.

Step 3: Lastly, you'll see No Link Added below the button. Click on that text to bring up the toolbar. Add the URL you want this button to link to, and click the checkbox to save.

Note: When you've added a link to a button, the Link icon in the styling toolbar turns blue. If a button has no link, you'll see the No Link Added text below it.

Styling a button

Click on the button to bring up the styling toolbar. You can make several styling changes here:

  • Change the button color to another of your brand colors
  • Change the size of the button
  • Adjust the roundness of the button's shape

Note: The text size in the button is fixed. If you'd like more customization options, you can also create a button in your own image-editing software, and then upload it to the page as an inline image. You can then click on the image and link it to a URL.

Deleting a button

If you need to remove a button, click on it to bring up the toolbar. Click the trash can icon to delete.

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