Uploading Images

Qwilr offers 2 ways to upload and store images for re-use later.

You can upload images to use either inline or as a Splash Block background. 

Uploading an image through the media browser

Step 1. Either add an image inline or add a new Splash Block to a page. 

Step 2. That will open up the image carousel. Click on the Upload button.

From there you'll be able to upload an image from your computer. You'll also be able to upload your past uploads from "Your Uploads" and also see what you've recently used.

Pasting an image into your page

Step 1. On your computer, locate the image you want to add to your page. Right-click the image file and choose Copy.

Step 2. Head to your Qwilr Page. In any Text or Splash block, place your cursor where you want the image to appear. You should see a + symbol appear next to the cursor.

Step 3. Right-click and choose Paste. Your image will upload.

Now that your image has uploaded, you can resize it and change its alignment as you like.

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