Saving and reusing Blocks

Save, Reuse, Recycle ♻️

If you have specific Blocks you want to use frequently, try saving them to your Block Library. Then you can add them to any page instantly!

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Saving Blocks

You can save any Block from any of your Qwilr Pages. 

In the top left corner of the Block, click the Block Options icon (3 dots). Next, click the blue Save Block icon. Give the block a title, and click Save.

Using saved Blocks

To use a saved Block in your Page, click the + icon between any other two Blocks, then choose Add Block from Library

That action will open the Block Library in a sidebar. You'll find your saved Blocks here as well as your images

The Library has tabs, so be sure to click on Blocks to see your Saved Blocks.

You can search for a particular Block, or use the filter to display by the type of Block to help you locate them faster.

Click and drag the Block you want to the location on your Page and drop it there.

Note: Need to move your block after adding it? Use the Move tools.

Managing your Qwilr Account Library

Every Block you save is stored in your Qwilr Account Library. 

A well-maintained Library can save your team a lot of time. To learn more about how to manage your Library, check out Using the saved block library.

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