Using the image library

Once you've uploaded some images to Qwilr, they'll be stored in your image library to use again. Here's how to make the best use of your image library.

Accessing your image library

There are two ways to access your image library, and you can use them interchangeably. 

First, you can open any page, head to the top left corner, and click the Show Library icon.

Alternatively, you can head into any page, click on the  + symbol that appears on any blank line, and then choose Image.

Either action will open your library in a sidebar. You'll find your saved blocks here as well as your images. Each section has a tab, so be sure to click on Images.

By default, you'll see a display of images you've already uploaded. But the image library has 3 folders:

  • Unsplash Collections: Qwilr contains a large stock image library from our partner Unsplash, which you can use in your pages royalty-free.
  • Recently Used: Images you've added to pages recently. This display will combine your uploads and stock images.
  • Uploads: All images your team has uploaded to Qwilr Pages.

To access the other sections, click on Uploads to reveal those folders.

From certain areas of Qwilr, you'll access this full view of the image library. It has the same 3 folders.

Note: By default, Qwilr arranges your images according to when they were uploaded, with the most recent ones first.

Renaming your uploaded images

You can update the titles of the images you've uploaded at any time. This makes it easier for your team to search and locate images easily.

First, open any Qwilr Page for editing. In the top left corner, click the Show Library icon. Then click on the Images tab.

From there, click the Full Library icon to open an editable view of your image library.

Your image library will open in a pop-up window, and here you'll have access to rename or delete your image files.

To rename an image, hover over its thumbnail. The filename will appear in the top left corner. Click on that to change the name, and then click the check mark. The change will save automatically.

Note: A naming convention can help keep your team's images organized. If, for example, you always use "logo" in the names of logo images, your team will be able to search for "logo" and see them all.

Searching your images

The Uploads and Unsplash folders of your image library have a search bar at the top, which you can use to locate images quickly. Type your query in the box, and all images with that word in their filename will appear.

Note: The search is folder-specific. If you're in the Uploads folder, the search results will be uploads. If you're in the Unsplash folder, search results will be stock images.

If you're in the full library view, you'll see the same search bars.

Organizing your images into folders

While you're in the full library view, you can set up folders to organize your uploaded images. Then your team will be able to access these folders from the sidebar view.

To get started, open any Qwilr Page for editing. Click the Show Library icon in the top left corner.

Next, click the Images tab, and then click the Full Library icon.

You'll now be in the full library view. Head to the left menu and click the Add Folder icon.

Give your new folder a title, and hit Enter to save it.

From there, you can drag images to the folder, either one at a time or in batches. To move a batch of images, click on the checkboxes to select them. Then drag them all to the folder.

Note: Notice how, in the image above, we searched for "Qwilr logo" to narrow things down to the images we needed? That can really help save time when you're setting up image folders.

Click on the 3 dots next to your folder's name, and you'll be able to add a new nested folder, rename it, or delete it.

Note: Deleting an image folder will delete all images inside it, so be careful!

To get to your image folders from the sidebar view, click on Uploads to open the folder drawer, and then click on your folder.

Deleting images from your library

You can delete images from your library at any time. When you delete an image, it will remain visible in all pages where you've already used it. You can always upload it again later if you need to.

To delete an image from the library, you'll need to be in the full library view. Click the Full Library icon in the sidebar to head there.

From there, hover over the thumbnail of the image you want to delete. A trash can icon will appear in the top right corner of the image. Click that to remove this image from your library.

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