Searching for stock images

When you're adding inline images or Splash images, you can browse our free image library. We partner with Unsplash to make hundreds of beautiful stock images available.

Note: If you need to search images you've uploaded, please see this page.

You can access the Unsplash image library from within any page.

Step 1. Open any Qwilr Page for editing. In top left corner, click the Show Library icon.

Step 2. The image library will open in a sidebar. Click on the Images tab.

Step 3. Your uploaded images display by default. Click on Uploads to reveal your other image folders. Then choose Unsplash Collections.

From there, you can search for any subject matter you want, and see related images.

Accessing the image library from a Splash Block

If you have a Splash Block in your page, you can access the stock image library from there and search for another option.

Step 1. In the top left corner of the Splash Block, click the Swap Splash button.

Step 2. The stock library will open along the bottom edge of the page. You can type in a search query and hit Enter to find specific images.

Browsing image collections

Once you're in the Unsplash folder, the default display is themed groups of images. Unsplash curates these periodically, and they can be useful if you aren't quite sure what kind of image you want. Click on any collection to see all its images.

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