Searching for stock images

When you're adding inline images or Splash images, you can browse our free image library. We partner with Unsplash to make hundreds of beautiful stock images available.

Note: If you need to search images you've uploaded, please see this page.

Step 1. Start by clicking on any + symbol to add an image, or by adding an image background to a Splash Block.

Step 2. You'll be taken to the image library. In the left menu, click Unsplash Collections.

From there, you can use the search box to look for specific kinds of images.

Browsing image collections

The default display of Unsplash Collections shows themed groups of images. These can be useful if you aren't quite sure what kind of image you want. There are collections around specific subject matter, and also handy collections for specific layouts, such as images that have a lot of background space for text. 

Click on any collection to see all its images.

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