Adding Images

Images add a great visual impact to your Qwilr Pages and with Qwilr, you'll be able to add images as splash backgrounds or add them inline.

Note: In order to upload a custom image it has to be 4 mb or less.

Adding an inline image

To add an image into a block, start a new line of text. You can do this by clicking your mouse in the text box, or by pressing return/enter

You'll see a small + symbol pop up on the left. Click that symbol and select Image.

From there you'll be able to:

  • Browse for an image from our royalty-free stock image gallery
  • View and add your recently used images
  • View and add your previously uploaded images
  • Upload a new image
  • Delete uploaded images

Resizing an inline image

To resize an image, click on it to bring up the blue dots around it. Click and drag one of the blue dots to resize the image.

Note: Your image will go as far as the column width you selected. You can change the column width via Custom Styles.

Aligning an inline image

You'll be able to align your image to the left or center. Click on your image so the toolbar pops up, and then choose your alignment.

Removing an inline image

To delete an uploaded image, click on it to bring up the toolbar. Click on the trash can icon to remove the image.

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