Moving images around your page

Once you add an inline image to your Qwilr Page, you can drag and drop it to a different location any time. (Wondering about Splash Block images? See this article.)

Need details about adding or uploading images? See this article.

Moving an image within the active content area

The first thing to be aware of when you're moving images is that your Qwilr page has an active content area. This is what keeps your page mobile-responsive, so it looks great on all devices.

There are flexible side areas beyond the active content area, but these are designed to be cropped out on smaller screens. These areas don't hold any content. You'll be moving your images around within the active content area.

To move an image, click on it and drag it to the new location. You'll see a line appear, showing where the image will drop. When you have the location you want, drop the image.

You can click on this image again to drag it to another spot.

Moving an image within a 2-column widget

If you've added an image to one side of a 2-column widget and you want to move it to the other side, click and drag. You'll see the same drop location indicators.

If you have text in the other side of the widget, you'll be able to move your image to the top or bottom, or between paragraphs.

Moving an image into or out of a 2-column widget

Similarly, you can drag and drop images from a 2-column widget to the main content area, or back. Wherever you drag the image, you'll see lines indicating the available drop locations.

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