Cloning Qwilr Pages

You don't always have to create Qwilr Pages from scratch. You can reuse a page by 'cloning' and then editing and renaming it. 

Cloning a Page

There are 2 ways to clone a Qwilr Page:

1. From your dashboard, click the Clone icon next to the name of the page you want to replicate. 

2. From the Qwilr Page (in edit mode), click on the page menu (three little dots in the top left corner of the page). Select Clone.

This will create an exact copy of the page and include it in your Dashboard with the title, "Cloned From: [title of page]".

Renaming a Cloned Page

After you've cloned the page you'd want to rename it. To do it, click the title in the top left corner to rename it.

If you don't want to clone an entire page, you can also reuse individual blocks.

Notes: If your company has naming conventions for templates (e.g., "2016.10.12 PROPOSAL TEMPLATE"), it's important that you clearly rename any cloned Qwilr Pages. As always, having some sort of naming convention can be useful.

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