Creating and managing Qwilr templates

Templates are great time savers for your team to create consistent content efficiently.

You can organize, edit, and manage them in your Templates Dashboard if you're an admin. And your team can create pages from them once they're ready!

Note: For more detailed instructions on templates for CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce, you can use these instructions.

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Creating Templates

To create a new blank template, click Library in the top left of your screen, and select Templates. Click the create blank template button.

To convert an existing Qwilr Page to a template, open the page and head to its top right corner. Click the Convert to Template icon. This will automatically clone that page into a Template, while leaving the original Qwilr Page in place.

Note: Only account admins can access the Templates Dashboard, create new templates and edit existing ones. Creators can use existing templates to create new pages.

Manage Templates

Click Library at the top left of your screen, and select Templates.

This will take you to your Templates Dashboard created by you and your team.

By clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of each template title, you can choose to clone, edit, archive, or delete any of your existing templates. Note: Blueprint templates cannot be deleted if pages have been created from them.

You can also filter your templates by Accept/Quote Block, CRM connected, or People (the person that created the template).

How do I edit Templates?

To edit a Template, head into your Template Dashboard by navigating to Library and then Templates. 

Click the options menu to the right of the template title and select edit

Cloning a Template

Sometimes it's helpful to use one template as a quick starting point for another one. That's where cloning comes in handy!

To clone an existing template, head into your template library either by navigating to Library and then Templates

Click the options menu to the right of the template title and select clone

The clone will appear. Click the Edit button to change its title and any other content.

Using Templates

Once you've converted a Qwilr Page to a template, it leaves your dashboard. You can now use it to create pages.

To create a page from your template, click the Create New button on the pages dashboard. Then choose From Template..

Locate your template, and then click on it to open it in the preview window.

From there, click the Create Page button.

Changing a Template back to a page

To change a template back to a page, you can follow our instructions above for Using Templates to create a page from your template. Once you have created a page from your template, you can Delete your Template via the Template Dashboard and your page will remain.

Note: If you're on our Enterprise plan, you can also set automatic link expiry on your templates. That way, every page created from the template will have the same expiry setting.

Qwilr offers a diverse library of ready Templates across various categories, including Proposals, Sales Processes, Onboarding, Customer Success, Case Studies, Quotes, Reporting, and Online Brochures.

To access the library, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click Create New on your dashboard.

Step 2. Choose From Template.

Step 3. Later, click on Explore to browse all the available templates ready for your use:

What's Next?

How about adding some tokens to your template, so you can easily personalize the pages you create?

Want help? Reach out to [email protected] with your questions! 

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