Creating and managing Qwilr templates

If you need to make similar pages in Qwilr frequently, consider creating a template. You can use it to generate more pages quickly and easily.

Note: If you're creating templates for use with a CRM, like HubSpot or Salesforce, please use these instructions instead.

Note: Only account admins can create new templates and edit existing ones. Creators can use existing templates to create new pages.

Creating templates

When you use this method, you're creating a template to use exclusively in Qwilr. (Using your template with a CRM? See our guide.)

To convert an existing Qwilr Page to a template, open the page and click the More Actions dropdown (3 dots). Then choose Convert to Template.

Using templates

Once a Qwilr page has been converted to a template, you'll find it in your template library. To go to your library, click the  Create New button on your dashboard. Then select From Template.

You'll now be in the template library. Use the dropdown menu at the top left to select My Templates. Locate your template, and then click the Use Template button to start a new page.

How do I edit templates?

To edit a template, navigate to My Templates in your template library, select the template, and click the Edit Template button at the top right.

Note: Creators on your account can edit any template they've been granted access to. Account admins can edit all templates in the account.

Changing a template back to a page

You can change a Qwilr template back to a regular page at any time. First, head to your template library. Locate the template and click the Edit Template button in the upper right corner.

When you have the template open for edits, click on the More Actions icon (3 dots) in the top right corner. Choose Remove from Templates.

This changes the template back to a page, and you'll find it on your dashboard.