Setting automatic link expiry on a Qwilr Page

Sometimes you want to make a limited-time offer. Sometimes you want to keep sensitive information secure. Either way, the Automatic Link Expiry feature has you covered.

By default, Qwilr's public page URLs never expire. With the expiry setting, you can make the link active for a specific number of days. Once that time is up, the link will display an error message instead.

Setting link expiry

You can add expiry to your page while it's still in Draft status, or after you set it Live.

Step 1. Click the Share button for the page, either from within the editor or from the dashboard.

Step 2. In the pop-up, click the Link expiry settings.

Step 3. From there, click Enable Link Expiry. Then either type in the number of days, or use the arrows. 

On the expiration date, the page will automatically switch to a Declined status. You'll see that on your dashboard. 

You can always set the page Live once again if needed. Click the Share button and then click Set Live.

What your client sees

When your client views the page, if the expiration date is within 7 days they'll see a persistent message in the bottom left corner.

Changing the expiry date

You can change or remove the page expiration at any time. Click the Share button to access the settings, as shown above. From there, you can either change the number of days or disable the switch to turn off expiry.

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