Dashboard page statuses

Learn everything about Page statuses!

Your Qwilr dashboard displays the current status for each of your pages. Here's a quick guide to those statuses.


All new Qwilr Pages start out in Draft status. You can edit the page in this mode, but the public page URL is disabled. That way you can perfect your page without any danger of your client seeing it too soon.


When you're ready to share a page with your client, you'll set it to the Live status. You can now click the Share button and grab a shareable link to the page.


For any page that contains an Accept Block, you'll see a Pending status instead of a Live one. This means the page is live, but it's pending acceptance.


An Accepted page contains an Accept button, and someone has clicked that button to accept the page. Once a page is in Accepted status, it can't be edited, but you can click on the title to view the content. You can also clone it to create an editable copy.


You'll see this status on your dashboard for two reasons:

This status can be helpful for tracking your sales pipeline. You can filter your dashboard to see only Declined pages, for example.


Blueprint isn't really a status. It means that the page is a CRM template that's had some "child pages" created from it.

View Limit

If you've set view limit on your page and it's expired, you'll see this status.

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