Dashboard page statuses

Your Qwilr dashboard displays the current status for each of your pages. Here's a quick guide to those statuses.

This feature is changing! We're in the process of rolling out an exciting update to page sharing and security, so your account might look different than this article. Learn about the new tools here.


When you create a Qwilr Page, it will default to Live status. This means it's ready to share with your clients. You'll be able to click the Share button and grab a link to the public version of the page.


You'll see a Pending status when a page has an Accept Block. This means the page is live, but it's pending acceptance. Once it's been accepted you'll see the status change to Accepted.


You can change a Live or Pending page to a Draft anytime before it's accepted. In Draft status, you won't be able to click the Share button and get the link to the page. Draft is great for when you want to make sure your team knows not to share a page yet.

You can toggle a page between Live/Pending and Draft modes as you're editing it, using the switch at the top right corner.


An Accepted page contains an Accept button, and someone has clicked that button to accept the page. Once a page is in Accepted status, it can't be edited, but you can always clone it to create an editable copy.


Blueprint isn't really a status. It means that the page is a CRM template that's had some "child pages" created from it.

View Limit/Time Limit

If you've set a time limit or view limit on your page and it's expired, you'll see these statuses.

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