Sharing your Qwilr Pages

You can share your Qwilr Pages internally with your colleagues and externally with your clients.

Sharing internally

If you want some feedback from your team or need to receive approval, you'll be able to share your Qwilr Page with other users on your account.

Step 1. While editing any project, you can click on the Share With Team icon at the top of your editor window.

Step 2. If you want to give everyone on your team view or edit access to this page, choose that option from the top of the sharing menu.

Step 3. To invite an individual colleague to this page, start typing their name and then select them. You can grant any either view access or edit access.

In order for your colleagues to view or edit this page, they'll need to be logged into their Qwilr account.

Sharing externally

Once your Qwilr Page is ready, you'll want to share the public link with your clients. 

Sharing from within a page

Step 1. When a page is in Live status, you can share it externally. Any new page you create will default to being Live right away.

If you've changed your page back to Draft status at some point, you can make it Live again any time by enabling the switch at the top right corner of the page. 

To get the public URL for your page, click the Share button, as shown above.

Step 2. In the box that appears, you'll be able to copy the page URL to share with your clients. In this same area, you can also add some security settings.

Sharing from the dashboard

Step 1. Hover over any project on your dashboard to reveal a Share button. Click it to access sharing settings.

Step 2. You'll then be able to make the page Live if needed, and copy the URL to your page to share with your clients. From this same area, you can also add some security settings.

Sharing on social media

Step 1. Click the Share button from the Dashboard or from within your project.

Step 2. Click the buttons to share the page URL on your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts.

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