Adding security to a Qwilr Page

Sometimes you want to be able to restrict how your Qwilr Pages are accessed. You can set limits on the length of time a page is available or the number of views it can get. You can even password-protect your pages.

This feature is changing! We're in the process of rolling out an exciting update to page sharing and security, so your account might look different than this article. Learn about the new tools here.

Note: Some elements are only available to Enterprise customers.

Accessing the security settings

To access the security settings for a page, you can either click the Share button while you're editing the page, or hover over the page on your dashboard to reveal the Share button there.

Adding security to a Qwilr Page

You'll then see a pop-up where you can access your sharing and security settings. Click on Edit security settings for this link.

You can then choose to:

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