Adding Security to a Qwilr Page

If you're on our  Business or Enterprise plans you'll be able to add different security features to your Qwilr Pages before you share them with your clients. This is great to set limits (proposals that expire after x amount of time) or to add extra security like passwords. 

To access the security settings allowed in your account you can either do so from within your edit screen or from the dashboard.

Setting up security from within your Qwilr Page

You'll want to make your  page live and then click on the Share button:

Setting up security from within your Dashboard:

You'll want to click on the Share button:

Adding Security

From either option once you click on the Share button you'll be taken to the share/security screen. You'll want to choose to Add extra security:

You can then choose to:

If a certain feature isn't available on your plan you'll see it grayed out and a message will display letting you know it isn't available.