Qwilr Analytics

Qwilr Analytics gives you helpful information about who has viewed your Qwilr Page and how much time they spent looking at it! 

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Before we jump in, it's important to note that if you have a Qwilr Page within another Page (in an iFrame Embed), if these Pages are viewed, they will not count towards your total Page views. This is due to challenges with iFrame. To get around this, try using a Button to link to another Page if you want to track views on a secondary Qwilr Page. 

Page-level analytics

As soon as the public link for your page receives its first view, you'll start seeing an ongoing view count on the dashboard.

The count will update automatically each time a buyer views the page. Qwilr won't count any views by logged-in users in the analytics.

To look at the analytics for any page, hover over the page title on your dashboard. Then click the Analytics icon.

Qwilr's analytics shows you more detailed view counts, allowing you to see: 

  • The location of each viewer
  • The date and time they viewed the page
  • How long they stayed
  • Which sections they spent the most time on

You can also click on the individual Viewers card to gain the following insight:


  • A slice chart of their individual page view
  • Details on their individual session including OS and Browser, as well as location
  • Block-level data so you can understand the most viewed / popular / useful parts of your Qwilr Page 
  • The number of clicks on any outbound links you've included in your page

Account-level analytics

You can also view analytics for your account as a whole. From the dashboard, click on Analytics in the top left corner.

You'll be able to see cumulative totals of pageviews and accepted pages, and the number of pages created account-wide each day.

You can also see the dollar value of all projects in Live status, and the dollar value of all accepted projects to date. If you use more than one currency in your pages, you'll see these totals broken out by currency.

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