Collaborating on Qwilr Pages

If several members of your team need to work on the same Qwilr Page, they'll be able to collaborate easily - whether they have a Qwilr account or not.

In this article:

While you're editing any page, head to the top right corner and click the Collaborate button.

This menu lets you do two things:

  • Grab a secure Collaborator preview link to give your colleagues view-only access
  • Grant users from your Qwilr account access to edit the page

Click the button to copy the link. Now you can paste it into an internal email or instant message. Everyone can view this page, even if they have no Qwilr login.

Granting edit access to the page

If you want a collaborator to edit the page, they'll need a Qwilr login. If they have an admin account, they'll be able to edit the page automatically. If they have a Creator account, you can grant them access to the page.

To do that, click on the field to bring up the names of all current users. Then choose the person.

Adding internal comments

Anyone who has edit access to a page can post internal comments. Learn more about that here.

If you're sending the Collaborator preview link to team members who have view-only access, we recommend starting a thread in your internal communication tool, pasting the link there, and then having everyone share their feedback in the thread. This creates a nice repository you can use as you update the page.

How Qwilr prevents overlapping edits

As you're working, if another member of your team opens the same page, you'll see their name appear in the right corner. 

By design, only one person at a time can edit a block. That prevents any confusion and ensures that each user's changes are saved. 

If your colleague is in a particular block making changes, you'll see their initials in the center, and a message in the top left corner indicating that the block is locked. You won't be able to edit this block until your colleague moves on to a different one.

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