Commenting on Qwilr Pages

Qwilr's comments feature is here to help you collaborate with your team. Start a discussion right in the page, and your team can add their thoughts. You can also get email notifications when comments and replies are posted.

If you have edit access to a page, you can post comments on it. You don't need to be an account admin, you just need to have access to edit a particular page. If you need edit access, an account admin can set that up.

You and your team can post comments in the Qwilr editor, but not on public pages.

Posting and replying to comments

You can comment on Text, Splash, Video, and Accept blocks. 

Step 1. To bring up a comment box, highlight the text you're commenting on. A menu bar will appear.

Step 2. Click the Comment icon to open the comments form. Type in your comment and click Send. (Or use this key command: Shift-Enter.)

You and your team will now see a comment marker in the page. To reply to this comment, click the marker, type in your reply, and click Send. (Or use this key command: Shift-Enter.)

Editing comments

You can edit your own comments, but not those made by other users. To edit a comment you've made, click the comment marker to open it. Then click the pencil icon, update the comment, and click Send again.

Deleting comments

You can delete your own comment by opening it and clicking the trash can icon.

If you delete a comment within a comment thread, only that comment will be deleted, and the rest of the thread remains intact.

If you delete the first comment in a thread, all replies in the thread will also be deleted.

Setting comment notifications

To help you keep up on new comments, you can choose to get email notifications each time a comment is added or resolved. This is a per-user setting, so you'll want to have everyone on your team follow these steps.

Step 1. Head to the top right corner of the Qwilr dashboard. Click your initials.

  • If you're an admin, you'll choose Account Settings --> Notifications.
  • If you're a Creator, you'll choose Profile --> Notifications.

Step 2. Under Comment Notifications, choose either Never or Always.

Using an @name to send an email notification

Sometimes you need to comment to a specific person. Click the Mention Someone button to display a list of your account's current users.

Alternatively, you can type the @ symbol and that will bring up a list of your account's current users. Click on the person you want to address your comment to, and their name will be added automatically. 

When you click Send to post your comment, that user will receive an email notification.

Note: If the user you want to @ mention doesn't currently have edit access to this page, you'll see an Invite button in the user menu next to their name. Click that to grant them edit access so they can comment.

Resolving a comment thread

When you've finished a discussion and your team no longer needs the comment thread, you can resolve it. Click on the comment marker to open the thread, and then click Mark as Resolved.

The marker will change to show a resolved thread. This marker will disappear from your page when you refresh it, or log out and back in. No other members of your team will see the resolved marker - the original marker will just disappear from their view. 

If you need to reopen the thread, click the comment indicator again, and then click Mark as Unresolved

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