Filtering your dashboard display

Filters help you quickly locate pages on your dashboard or in any folder. You can filter by several criteria.

Note: Filters apply only to the folder you're in currently. Please see this page for more on dashboard folders.

Filtering by page status

You can filter pages to see only those that are Accepted, Live/Pending, Starred, or in Draft status. To apply this filter, click the Filters button in the top right corner of the dashboard. Click the checkbox for the option (or options) you need, and the display will filter to match.Want to know more about what page statuses mean? See this page.

Filtering by people

You can also filter by page owners. Click the Filters button, and then enter a name or email address to bring up matching users on your team. Click one or more people's names to filter the display to pages they currently own.

Filtering by tags

If you've added tags to your pages, you'll be able to filter by tag. Click the Filters button and start entering the tag name. A list of your account's related tags will pop up so you can choose one or more. The display will filter to pages using those tags.

Mixing filters

You can use Status, People, and Tag filters together in any combination. If there aren't any pages that match all of the filters you've set, you'll see an empty display.

Clearing filters

Once you've added a filter, you can clear it anytime. Either uncheck its box or click the X next to it.

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